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International Youth Day

International Youth Day

Youth are often associated with qualities like never ending Zest for life with this ardent vigor to do the impossible. This untapped potential is being squandered by the Youths due to the lack of proper guidance and mentorship. The most common problems faced by the youths are peer pressure, where they go to extremes to be accepted by the society, substance abuse, drugs, and alcohol. This prodigal lifestyle often hinders the further development essential to survive in the real world. The youth lack employable communication and entrepreneurial skills also the lack of basic civic engagement. These problems have led to an alarming increase in the suicide rate of youth. With this regard, TYCL and MUGHIL initiated many innovative programs such as Youth Help LineYouth Resource Centre and INAGI which has proven to be a huge hit and of tremendous support to the young minds.

The International YouthDay is being celebrated globally on the 12 th of August, and our organization takes this opportunity to bring awareness and social responsibility to the youth of Pondicherry, Villupuram, and Cuddalore.