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N’KaNa (My Sister and Brother) aims to connect professionals with children in need and risk. This program secures the future and education of struggling children by connecting them with mentors. Our mission is to establish a strong relationship between a youth and a mentor that becomes a critical guiding force in the youth’s development to help them achieve their goals and dreams. Each project relationship consists of a Mentee (Children), a Mentor (Professional) and a Student Volunteer. Mentors act as exemplary role models for commitment to education, career decisions and social behavior. Student volunteers are engaged as rapporteurs. The identities and dreams of our youth are affirmed by the consistent support of mentors, volunteers and donors.

TYCL highly appreciate the contribution of SAPNA Foundation to pilot the N’KaNa Project for one year period!

Activities in N’KaNa

Identification Of Needy Children

Needy children are identified from orphanages, slums and villages by local college student volunteers.

N’KaNa Process Training For Mentors And Volunteers

Mentors and Volunteers participate in a day long training programme to understand the N’KaNa system and process.

Monthly Mentoring

One day each month is identified for mentorship, based on the schedules of the Mentee and the Mentor. Two to three hours are allotted for quality coaching and mentoring based on the children’s needs and challenges

Ecosystem Based Vision Setting Training Programme For Children

The Ecosystem Based Vision Setting asks children and youth to consider how they and their abilities exist and function within the context of their families, communities, and societies. The ten-day training programme introduces participants to this system and helps them set up career goals.

Pre Assessment Form

Children are assessed based on their social cognitive development to identify their goals and visions. Based on this, potential Mentors and Student Volunteers are identified

Progress Tracker

Student Volunteers track the progress of Mentees and Mentors for one year to help measure each individual’s impact and growth.

Annual Retreat

A yearly retreat is organised for all Mentees, Mentors, Volunteers and other key stakeholders in the programme. Here they share their successes and challenges of the process


We welcome new Volunteers, Mentors and supporters who can help identify children in need and recruit potential mentors. Please join us at our Planning and Review Meeting on the 3rd Sunday of every month to learn more about N’KaNa and how you can get involved.

Name Role Phone Number Email
Rasaiya.G Fellow & Co-Ordinator +91 9042796535
Nandhini Co-Ordinator +91 8754224180
Sivashankari Co-Ordinator +91 8940542452