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Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Since 2011, one of TYCL’s principal programs has been our annual summer and leadership camps, which provide youth and children not only with a productive way to spend the summer holidays, but also with skills and knowledge that they can use in their lives. The camps are mostly held in Pondicherry University on May month over 6 days with around 100 young participants and 30 college student volunteers. These children are from Jaly Home (Krishna Nagar), Gipsy, Athian Community, Baby Sarah‟s Home (Ariyankuppam), Light Trust(Paakumudiyampet), Children‟s Collective (ChinnaMudiyalayarChavady), Child Development Centre (CDC) (Dubrayapet), Child helpage in long duration (CHILD (ChinnaKotakuppam). Each year, our camps are programmed around a theme, based on discussions with children about their interests and goals.

History of Summer Camp

Year Theme
2018 Children’s Art and Life Video
2017 Towards Modernizing Traditional Values and Practices
2016 Towards intergenerational transformation of traditional knowledge
2015 Towards eco-system based child centered Stewardship Video
2014 Towards vision based positive transformation from life experiences
2013 Life Skill Education: A
path to positive social transformation