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Children’s Creatothon is an event for children between the ages of 4 and 17, and aims to tap the skills and creativity of Puducherry youth. Though Puducherry children have high access to education and skills and creativity development, their abilities are not utilized to address the existing social problems in the region. Creatothon offers a platform for children to explore their exceptional innovations to understand their own traditional arts and skills.

Aim & Objectives

This program aims to identify next generation innovators of Puducherry by reclaiming traditional art forms to address issues affecting them in their lives today. Creatothon:

  • Provides an opportunity for youth to develop their skills, confidence, creativity and innovation for social change.
  • Serves as a space for children to explore & reclaim traditional art forms.
  • Strives to sensitize the city about child rights and importance of transforming traditional art forms to next generation.


  • Up -Cycling from Waste (create creative products from waste materials)
  • Rock Poster (paint a poster in beach rock to encourage beach walkers to keep the beach clean)
  • Pot Paining (paint a traditional pot with a design relating to child rights)
  • Re-claiming traditional games (play and share games played by older generations in native villages)
  • Story Creation (create a story based on life experiences)
  • Clay work (create works from clay and sand which reflects on child rights)
  • Solution (develop solutions to issues that children face in society)


  • 4-6 years old
  • 7-10 years old
  • 11-14 years old
  • 15-17 years old

Activities are coordinated and run by a team of local college students.