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Gaja Cyclone Relief 2018

We are enclosing a preliminary visit report to the affected areas on Gaja cyclone. Please circulate this and extend support to the victims. The situation is really bad. Thank you for coming forward to support the victims.

Family Kit:

We have prepared a family kit for the victim families. The same is enclosed. This is for one family. The need is huge. Based on the availability of support, the identified number of families should be supported.

Educational Kit for Children:

Each child needs a school kit worth Rs. 1500/-. (The kit includes bag, note books, geometry box, pencil box, pencil, pen, eraser, scale, etc.). Again the number of children you could support can be decided based on the support you receive.

Immediate Needs:

Food in Relief Camps: In relief camps, to provide food, we need atleast Rs 500/- per family per day. To support one relief camp a day for providing 100 families we need Rs.50,000/- per day. There are 100 relief camps in Nagapattinam district. Most
of the people are still relief camps as they have lost their shelters.

Candles for the families:

Power restoration to rural villages is a major issue. It is expected that it will take atleast one month period to provide power to villages. The demand from the community is to provide candles to them, as that is the only way to have light at
night. Each family needs atleast 2 candles a day. The cost of one candle is Rs 15/-. That means each family needs 60 candles a month. To support one family we need Rs.900/-. This should be added with match boxes and mosquito coils.

For Children:

Biscuits, milk powder for children is another immediate need for children. Biscuit costs Rs.100 and Rs.200/- for milk packet for a family for 5 days. It comes to Rs.60/- per family per day.

Supply of water is another issue. This can be done only in tanks or cans. All the materials has to reach from outside as there is no power. Even Nagapattinam, the Head Quarters of the district was in the dark for three days. Heavy rains have started again. This is our calculation for the projected immediate needs. We can work out a detailed budget if you need one.

How can you support?
  • By donating materials
  • By providing transportation
  • By volunteering
  • By financial contribution
Mode of Payment

**Please mention transaction description as “GAJA CYCLONE RELIEF FUND”

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