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Why International Youth Day?

Youth are often associated with qualities like never ending Zest for life with this ardent vigor to do the impossible. This untapped potential is being squandered by the Youths due to the lack of proper guidance and mentorship. The most common problems faced by the youths are peer pressure, where they go to extremes to be accepted by the society, substance abuse, drugs, and alcohol. This prodigal lifestyle often hinders the further development essential to survive in the real world. The youth lack employable communication and entrepreneurial skills also the lack of basic civic engagement. These problems have led to an alarming increase in the suicide rate of youth. With this regard, TYCL and MUGHIL initiated many innovative programs such as Youth Help Line, Youth Resource Centre and INAGI which has proven to be a huge hit and of tremendous support to the young minds.

The International YouthDay is being celebrated globally on the 12 th of August, and our organization takes this opportunity to bring awareness and social responsibility to the youth of Pondicherry, Villupuram, and Cuddalore. TYCL and MUGHIL joining hands with #UN4Youth and promoting “Youth Building Peace” as the theme of this year identified by United Nations General Assembly.

“Launch Of Publication House: “Dream Space Publication House”

The opportunity change one’s path, a great opportunity for us is to make the dreams comes true by our own “Dream Space Publications House”. TYCL and MUGHIL has always been a space for all to express themselves through multitude of publications like books, audios, videos, etc. We have a great collection of such publications done by our children and youth as part of our programs and special interests of individuals which we feel would create a positive impact to the society. To continue doing this in a structured and organized manner, we are happy to introduce our own publication house to be called as “Dream Space Publications” with a vision to publish quality and meaningful contents to its readers.

“Inter-Generational Knowledge Transformations” - Book Release:

As part of Inter-generational transformation initiatives, we are launching asocial and environmental awareness poetry book written by Mr. Vaiyampatti Muthuswami, who has four decades of rich experience in writing and singing social and environmental awareness songs in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. We are taking a step towards publishing his poems which have not been published so far and the traditional skills and creativity could inspire and help youth to learn, grow and design eco-friendly solutions to society.

Young Social Change Maker Award 2017

Many Youth today are serving as agents of change in the society in various capacities with the sole purpose of giving back to the community without expecting any kind of publicity. Our organization in an effort to applaud their altruistic nature and motivate the upcoming generation to uphold the same selfless values of giving back to the society TYCL and MUGHIL jointly provide the “Young Social Change Maker Award” from the year 2015 onwards. We have had amazing responses and positive feedback from the previous years. With a variety of different nominations addressing different sectors of social issues, we give the opportunity to many people. This year we are calling for nominations from Puducherry, Cuddalore, and more.

“Street Life Of Pondicherry” - Photography Book Release:

TYCL and MUGHIL have always encouraged and recognized the talent of young people. We can proudly state that our organization has been a launch pad for young people to bring out the latent talents to get the acknowledgment they deserve. This year on the auspicious eve of International Youth Day Celebrations, we are happy and proud to launch an illustrious book titled “Street life of Pondicherry” by Mr. Joe Sathyanarayanan, an aspiring photographer who had captured the multifaceted Pondicherry Street Life at an angle which it has captured never before. It brings out light to the social and economic issues faced in everyday life. We can aver that his exemplary work will motivate and illuminate the young minds.