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Eco-System Based Leadership

Eco-System Based Leadership

Children in need and at risk are often neglected and excluded from the mainstream social system. This, however, is not an issue of society at large, but rather it is a question of how the children position themselves in the existing system to be the change and be part of the change. TYCL is focusing on vulnerable areas such as Dalit village, slum areas and children in institutional care, where there is a lack of exposure and limited opportunity to understand external environment. They have been educated without learning to be conscious of their inner potential and purpose of life. Each and every individual child is undergoing substantial haphazard constrains brought on by their family, society and their own selves. The Ecosystem Model will help them to confront their real time challenges and to make their lives meaningful and relevant for the present and the future. Ecosystem-based leadership helps Children to answer: Who am I? Where do I belong? How do I position myself in the growing community? What is my role in the community? Who are the trustworthy people in my community? Where does my inherent value come from? In Ecosystem-based leadership program has a set of gamified outcome-oriented activities with learning tools which helps each child analyse and understand their own ecosystem. The Ecosystem-based leadership model will support them to navigate towards their vision and help them to achieve their goals with a shift in self-discipline, skills & behavioural economy, social recognition and system-thinking perspectives for self- transformation and social change.