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Monthly Planning & Review Meeting – November 2018

On 2nd December 2018, the monthly planning and review meeting for the month of November was held at TYCL office (First Sunday of every month, there will be monthly review and planning meet for volunteers at Trust for Youth and Child Leadership office to review last month activities and plan for current month activities). 11 members were attended the meeting. Mr.Rasaiya (N’Kana fellow) facilitated the entire meeting.

As per our regular flow, we started the meeting with reflection (discussion about any social cause) on the topic of “Why there is a deviation of focus between rural and urban areas during natural disaster and what is the role of media”. That was the very interactive and informative discussion which took 25 minutes and concluded by Mr. Francis (Puducherry Youth Helpline fellow) that “There is many discrepancies in rural and urban disasters. Though the disaster level has equal to both areas, rural areas facing more problem than urban cities. Media lost their focus in rural areas in spite of bandwidth distance, economy, time duration, etc.”

Then the meeting was turned into review and planning for the following projects/process: N’Kana, Puducherry Youth Helpline and Ecosystem Based Leadership Program, Administration, Finance. And the respective coordinators to the above projects gave their august month updates, activities planned to do in current month.

1. Mr. Rasaiya (N’Kana fellow) shared their updates:
– There is need of Mentors for the children.
– Planning to have individual meeting with children to ensure their dream and motivation.
– Regular volunteer follow up
– Preparing documentations

2. Mr.Francis (Puducherry Youth Helpline fellow) updated that
– Approached the department of CRB and Health regarding Suicides in Puducherry .
– 30 Calls(6 female and 21 male) arrived for Youth Helpline, in that 22 are benefitted and 5 in process.
– Ready to present paper on suicide for the CDD conference at Gujarat.

3. Mr. Francis( ASER SURVEY) shared that First instalment of stipend has been collected and distributed, Summarized document sent to ASER office and shared the financial status of the project.

4. Mr. Rasaiya(Youth Resource Center) shared that Office was used to collect the Relief materials for Gaja cyclone disaster. After that process, work camp was organized by the volunteers to ensue the discipline activity(Cleaning, arranging the things in desired place) of office.

5. Mr. Rasaiya(from Administration wing) shared that
– New interns hired from Calicut and Cuddalore.
– Organised a special talk with Dr. Vidya Ramkumar in collaboration with 92.7 Big FM for sensitising Child Rights Day.
– Few volunteers have requested for ID cards(Trust for Youth and Child Leadership).
– Ms. Jasmine (Fellow, Full Bright) will be volunteering with us from December and she will be coordinating for our Annual Report.

6. Ms. Kamali (HYL) updated that the Concept note finalised for Harvesting Youth Leadership, two resource persons confirmed their availabilities, works are deligated to HYL team members and Planning for venue confirmation, Press release, Promotion, Application, Fund raising in December month.

7. Mr. Rasaiya(Child Rights Day) said that regular follow up for venue, session on “Mind handling techniques” was conducted at Kottakuppam HSS and got many response.

8. Mr. Saravanan (Gaja Cyclone Relief Activity) said that they assessed the damage caused by Gaja Cyclone in Delta Region, identified affected areas, planned to initiate relief activities and finished the relief work dedicatedly. Planned to prepare the report and submit by December.

At last, meeting hall turns to show their gratitude and next meet will be on 6th January 2019.