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Child Leader Award

Child Leader Award

Child Leader Awards are state Awards that are awarded to six children who are child rights defenders and excellent in exhibiting leadership skills in ensuring justice to children. Jointly instituted by TYCL and MUGHIL Social Welfare Organization..Each award carries a citation and a trophy. Children are the very active participants of positive change in their family, schools and community. Children should be treated as the assets of any society as highlighted in UNCRC. There are many highly skilled children who are taking action against human and environment injustice in general and violence against children in particular. However, often these children are not recognized by the mainstream leadership activities by any of the key actors. Meanwhile, violence against children is also escalating day by day in Puducherry and Villupuram, this situation requires child rights based sensitization among all the actors of Puducherry. This Child Leader Awards are going to be first time in India for recognizing children The awards will be in the following categories.

Mother Teresa Award

Children who are taking action against survival issues (Promotion of nutrition, Anganvadies, Registration of birth of kids, providing shelter to destitute kids) of children in Puducherry.

Jeroo Billimoria Award

Children who are taking action against Protection issues (Child abuse, Neglect and exploitation) of children in Puducherry.

Malala Yousafzai Award

Children who are encouraging other children to participate in family, school and community and also active members, leaders of Children clubs/parliaments/Panchayats

Erik Erikson Award

Children who have rendered excellent service in encouraging other children education, sports and other artistic works.

Abdul Kalam Eco-Friendly Child Leader Award

Children who are taking action against environmental injustice such as deforestation and saving natural resources of the community

Nelson Mandela Communicator Award

Children who are effectively communicating about children accomplishments, success and various issues of children which leads to positive social transformation.