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Child Friendly Awards

Child Friendly Awards

Child friendly Awards are state Awards that are awarded to eight individuals / organisations who are child rights defenders and excellent in exhibiting leadership skills in ensuring justice to children in respective field (Media/ Village/ School/ Family/ Police/ Teacher/ Hospital ). These awardsare jointly instituted by TYCL and MUGHIL Social Welfare Organization Children should be treated as the assets of any society as highlighted in UNCRC. There are many highly skilled children who are taking action against human and environment injustice in general and violence against children in particular. Meanwhile, violence against children is also escalating day by day in Puducherry & Villupuram, this situation requires child rights based sensitization among all the actors of Puducherry and Villupuram. This Child Friendly Awards are going to be first time in India for recognizing family, school, village, media, police, teacher, hospital, shop/establishment .. The awards will be in the following categories.

Child Friendly Family Award

The families who ensures the child friendliness and encourage the children participation in all family decisions

Child Friendly School Award

The schools which ensures the child friendliness and encourage holistic child development in the school

Child Friendly Village Award

The media which ensures the child friendliness in all their shows, news and encourage holistic child development in shows and news

Child Friendly Police Award

Police Personnel who make space for children to file their complaint in a friendly manner, who are sensitive to children’s vulnerabilities, who are also aware of child rights and child protection policy,constitutional guarantees related to children and well versed with legal provisions for children for effective implementation of JJ Act, POCSO Act, Child Labour Act and other children legislations in their respective jurisdiction.

Child Friendly Teacher Award

Teachers who support children to explore and express themselves and making them to reach their highest potential and creating space for children to be listened. Teachers who are promoting and advocating children rights and preventing child abuse.