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Child Leader Award

Child Leader Award

Children are very active participants of positive change in family, schools and community. Children should be treated as assets of any society as highlighted in UNCRC. There are many highly skilled children who are taking action against human, environment and violence in general. However, often these children are not recognized by the mainstream leadership activities by any of the key actors. Meanwhile, violence against children is also escalating day by day in Puducherry and Villupuram, this situation requires child right based sensitization among all the actors of Puducherry and Villupuram.

Objectives of Child Rights Day
  • To sensitize, spread, promote and communicate about child rights to Puducherry and its bio-regions.
  • To recognise and promote the children who are taking action against injustice within their communities / school / home.
  • To acknowledge and recognise child friendly stackholders of the society.
  • To promote child friendliness in Puducherry and Villupuram
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