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Eco-System Based Leadership Program At New Era Children Collective ( Recreation ).

On 21st January 2018, Eco-System Based Leadership program was held for children of New Era Child Collective(CC). The session was taken under the topic of “Recreation”. Around 18 members including 13 children were participated. Volunteers Ms.Nivetha and Mr.Arvindh had facilitated the entire program. Children had shared their way of recreation. Importance of recreation through physical and skill based Recreation activities was shared by Ms.Nivetha. Evolution of Recreation was shared by Mr.Arvindh. Impact of technologies & gadget in recreation was shared by Mr.Sivaramakrishnan(Volunteer). Also an activity was conducted to bring awareness about the need of recreation. The session was concluded with feedback session for children.

On 28th January 2018, Eco-System Based Leadership program was held for children of New Era Child Collective(CC). The session was taken under the topic of “Environment”. Around 20 members including 15 children were participated. Volunteer Ms.Kousalya had facilitated the entire program. The program mostly covered the importance major environmental aspects like water, pollutions, agriculture etc., Also an activity was conducted to bring awareness about saving water. The session was concluded with feedback session for children.

Trust for Youth and Child Leadership is conducted Youth Harvesting program for both students and existing volunteer. It is a 3 rd year of Youth Harvesting Program. It is two days event which is fully for volunteer and planning for a year upcoming events. This year, event is organise at Co-Operative College of Education, Puducherry. On 13 th Saturday, morning registration is completed and Ms. Yuva Yazhini facilitated the whole event. First, Shiva Mathiyazhagan spoked about Trust for Youth and Child Leadership. Ms. Vidya mam is initiated a program and by following her Mr. Musee Pugazhendhi started. He is a man who will create positive vibration by making fun among the audience. He discussed about types of human mind like Conscious, sub-conscious and Unconscious which will depends on student listening. It differs like Pseudo listening is which person will act like listening, Selective listening in which person listens very selectively like what is needed or interested to that person, Aggressive listening is type of anger and emotional listening. Finally defensive listening is making them to confuse personally. After his speech, hall gets enthusiastic. After tea break, Refreshment activity is done for maintaining conscious among people. Volunteers watched Ganam short film and shared their thoughts about that film. Different thought are shared and discussed which creates emotional and responsibility among people. And existing volunteers parents are invited for next session. Parents shared their expectation towards their children. The main point came from them is, their children is to discover something and help the society other than studies. And finally, Shiva Mathiyazhagan concluded the session with gratitude for parents.

On 14 th Sunday morning, feedback of Saturday event is collected from gathered people. Mr. Kurinjivendhan discussed on issues related to Environment and sustainable lifestyle. He shared many experience about his life and shared many history of tamil songs and revolution towards it. He shared the life of traditional dancers(Theru Koothu) and issues faced by them during their performance like makeup, setup, practising, dialogue preparation etc. After his speech, volunteers are interested in traditional dancing and singing. Mr.
Murugavel discussed about relationship between environment and human life. He shared many aspects of human living on the basis of nature. He described hierarchy of natural system like cloud, tree, river, pond etc. After his discussion, Mr. Francis Kulandai Raj shared his experience of planting and his relation towards plants in his home. After lunch, mentors described about all projects and events. Then new volunteers is approached their interested events mentor. They discussed about their events and prepared one year proposal for their event. And they presented their estimation to all people and certificates are distributed to all volunteers. Shiva Mathiyazhagan thanked Ms. Chandramathi and Mr. Hari for coordinated this event and event bind up with group photo.

On first Sunday of every month, there will be monthly review and planning meet for volunteers at Trust for Youth and Child Leadership office. Since, it is the first Sunday of this year we started with 16 volunteers from the reflection (experience or learning) from past year. The meet was facilitated by Mr. Saravanan. Then it was turned to regular aspects like reflections from our society. Initially volunteers are suggested three topics and finalized at “Cause of Strikes against Government”. It was a wonderful discussion, filled with different thoughts based on topic from our group. Then review of N’Ka Na project is given by Mr. Siva Ramakrishnan as app development process is going on. Mr. Francis shared many reviews of Youth Help line project such as meeting with Indian bank manager regarding educational loan, meeting with Principal of Jeevanantham School for presentation, interactive session of Akalya International School, discussed with RAAK college for presentation. And reviews of Child Leader Award program and Eco System based Leadership is also discussed. Mr. Prabhu from financial team shared information about accounts details. Mr. Mohan shared approach from new donor and also the updates of Harvesting youth Leadership program. At the end, meeting was bind up with gratitude practice.